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Spice Pepper

Rs. 450

Known as King of Spices, the Malabar Pepper is a GI-tagged product of the world. Implying the pepper grown here has marked quality due to its geographic origin. The Pepper has high Peperine content and peculiarly hot to taste.

Our Pepper is grown naturally on small farms with almost no artificial assistance required.

The pepper is harvested and hand sorted to select the best grains. It is then packed while it is still fresh so that its aroma and flavor are intact.

No middlemen in our chains ensures that the spices are not stored for months or mixed with lower grade spices before it reaches you.

The spice bags are biodegradable. Please transfer to an airtight container if you plan to use it for more than a couple of months.



- Full of Anti-oxidants that help in fighting off toxins, harmful effects of pollution and ageing.

- Medicinally used in cultures across the world to treat cold and cough.

- Metabolism booster that aids in weight loss.

- Stimulates digestion.

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