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Spice Cinnamon

Rs. 120

This Cinnamon is obtained from the bark of the tree that grows in the Western ghats of South India. It is rare and pure, distinguished from the Ceylon variety normally seen in our markets. The sticks are straighter and rougher with a milder flavor and a characteristic lemongrass-like aroma.

Our Cinnamon tree is grown naturally on small farms without pesticides and chemicals using rain fed water.

The bark of the tree is then scraped in a traditional way to extract its shavings. Cinnamon thus obtained is organic and packed while its flavor and aroma are intact.

No middlemen in our chains ensures that the spices are not stored for months or mixed with lower grade spices before it reaches you.

The spice bags are biodegradable. Please transfer to an airtight container if you plan to use it for more than a couple of months.



- Digestive properties of Cinnamon are well established in traditional and contemporary times.

- It is known to be good for Sugar issues and has active anti-oxidants.

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