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Spice Clove

Rs. 140

Cloves are flower buds of a tree that grow well in the Wayanad region of Kerala due to its high altitude and year round rain. These Cloves have high Eugenol content that gives it its intense flavor.

Our Clove is grown naturally on small farms with almost no artificial assistance required.

It is then harvested and hand sorted to select the best buds. The Cloves are packed while it is still fresh so that its aroma and flavor are intact.

No middlemen in our chains ensures that the spices are not stored for months or mixed with lower grade spices before it reaches you.

The spice bags are biodegradable. Please transfer to an airtight container if you plan to use it for more than a couple of months.



- Eugenol (oil) constitutes up to 90% of Clove and  is a known pain reliever that has anti-inflammatory properties.

- Cloves are an ancient home remedy for toothache.

- They contain anti-oxidants that fight off chronic diseases. 

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