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Try-oilogy set: Coconut, Sesame and Groundnut (100ml each)

Rs. 349

Most studies on oils conclude that having a variety of oils in our diet, has better health benefits as opposed to using a single variety of oil. We bring you just that, 3 oils each with a distinct taste and different bioactive nutrients. Saturated fats, MUFA, PUFA, MCT, you name it we got it right here!

 The pack also perfectly serves as: 

Trial pack to get you introduced to coldpressed oils. Enjoy different flavors and health benefits without having to buy 3 large bottles. Taste and feel the difference when you cook your dishes with our oils. You will never go back to refined oils again.

Travel pack that you can carry on your next holiday. Stir up lip smacking salads, smoothies, stir fry and barbeques away from home.

Health pack for hair, skin and oral care. Natural ingredients that nourish you way better than synthetic beauty products can.

Glass bottles remain chemically neutral forever. They can be easily refilled from larger oil bottles or be used to store other essential oils.

About the technique:

The oil is extracted using traditional wood at low rpm to keep temperature below 35ºC . It is natural and chemical free. Some oilseed particles may settle at the bottom of the bottle as the oil is not refined, only sieved through a thin filter. Antioxidants and cell membrane soluble bioactive compounds are left intact. The process requires minimum energy input and only churns out oil and organic cake as byproduct.

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