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Sesame seed Oil

Rs. 299

 (Smoke point 180ºC)

Sesame seed oil is sourced from farms in the hinterland of Maharashtra. 

- Suitable for Asian and stir fry style cuisine.

- Easily absorbed by skin hence great massage oil that strengthens bones.

- Ayurveda mentions its role in calming the nervous system.

- Anti-inflammatory properties.

- Used in oil pulling to maintain oral health.

About the technique:

The oil is extracted using traditional wood at low rpm to keep temperature below 35ºC . It is natural and chemical free. Some oilseed particles may settle at the bottom of the bottle as the oil is not refined, only sieved through a thin filter. Antioxidants and cell membrane soluble bioactive compounds are left intact. The process requires minimum energy input and only churns out oil and organic cake as the byproduct.


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